Game development

Nowadays I’m developing engines in C, with a relatively small set of dependencies. They are built with less capable machines in mind, either running on older computers (where libc versioning is the actual limiting factor), or simulating at unexpected speeds and scales on more recent ones.

They are not games in the traditional sense, they’re more akin to tech demos or art projects. Some of them lack game-like mechanics, and others may have mechanics so obscure one might be tempted to ask if they’re even meant to be played at all. Just apply the definition with a grain of salt, and see if they’re your cup of tea.


repository: doldrusidus

An open-ended, obscure simulation realized as a multiplayer game taking place in a small universe, where you can participate by assembling and emulating machine code for the uxn virtual machine architecture.


Around you is a desert. The high sun burns through your skin, the low moon chills you to the bone. Also around you are sparse shrubs, dry, cracked rock, and a railway line. Upon the rails rests a train manifest, consisting of a bulky diesel locomotive and some freight cars.